Joris ide medewerker Ramzi

“I love a positive challenge”

Ramzi is an ambitious dreamer. He dreams of travelling to the 2022 World Cup in Qatar to see his sporting heroes at work. He also wants to discover as many places on earth as possible. On earth or beyond, and with the advent of space tourism that may just be in the cards.

This ambition also translates on a professional level. “I love going to work. It’s where I learn new things, where I am challenged to prove myself and where the team spirit among colleagues is exemplary. When I’m working I truly feel in my element.”

I love a challenge. I jump at new opportunities. I’m always open to learning new things and at Joris Ide I get that chance. That is why to me, working for Joris Ide means showing what I’m made of. Here I get the chance to prove myself. For someone who likes to work autonomously it’s just perfect.”